Friday, February 19, 2010


After an extended "absence" of sorts where my priorities of writing came slowly to a standstill, resting elsewhere than online (i.e. homework, life...etc) I am now ready to again begin where I once left off.
Wow. I have so much to be thankful for. Here I sit in a warm room writing on my laptop that sits on a desk filled with homework reminding me that yes, after two and a half years I am back in college again. Last night was our bible study which is more like an hour of sharing and an hour of prayer, and God has really blessed so many of our lives in a huge way. Sunday was church, about a dozen people now come regularly, filling our small home with laughter, joy, and an incredible close and personal community of believers.
I love this group so much, it's been incredible seeing how active God is in each one of our lives.
And of course...there's my beautiful girlfriend. It was amazing to spend some time with her here in Denver, we had a blast reading poetry in a coffee shop downtown, babysitting the family she stayed with, and going on walks in the evening.
One of my favorite memories with her was when it was her last day here, we were sitting on the couch and Rose Starr (the Mom of the family she stayed with) said "alright kids, go sit with James and Jessa so we can take a picture with them! There was so much laughter, wriggling, funny faces, poking, and climbing on people. Then the level of energy in the living room was elevated considerably for the rest of the evening.
Just even the story of how God worked out all the details for her to visit my family in Montana with me, then the two of us driving back to Denver together is a complete testimony to how real God is, and how involved He is in my life. I'm so thankful.
Why on earth would there be a picture of Disney World on my blog?
Well, maybe because I'm insanely and cataclysmically thrilled to be going there in March with Jessa's family. Accompanying the family's vacation is a road trip from Little Rock, Arkansas to Orlando and back. What better way to get to know someone's family then go on a road trip with them?
Alright, maybe being caught in a hurricane or starting a large corporation with them would be a better way of becoming familiar with their personalities and views on life...but this is pretty dang close.
It snowed yesterday evening, making for a beautiful night and an even prettier day today. I love the weather here in Denver. Especially the quiet that has lighted on the streets, roof tops and neighborhoods accompanying the white powder and afternoon sunshine.

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