Thursday, February 25, 2010

It was a cold, sunshiney, beautiful day today. Both Jessa and I were getting ready for our day on the phone together, full of switching to speakerphone, "hang on a second", and multitasking. There aren't a lot of things in life like being in love. For something that happens and has happened millions of times through the ages, it still feels pretty dang original. I love it.
While waiting for the light rail, I watched a young male rapping shamelessly standing leaning against the outside of a bank wall. Politics, romance, family, white people, even food fell prey to his light-hearted and vicious onslaught of verbage. I wondered to myself if I should A.) admire his confidence, B.) write it off as juvenile cockiness, or C.) hand him a dollar twenty-nine and ask for his first hit single on iTunes to be free for only me. I picked option D.)
Try to find a song on my iPod that closely matched his lip movement.
Settling on a particular aggressive Vivaldi movement, I happily stared, enjoying the moment and soaking it all in until the rail cars slid up behind me.
Another day in Denver.
I love this city.

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