Wednesday, December 16, 2009

cold evenings.

Twenty minutes until I leave for my last Hebrew class this semester. Sad day. It's been incredible to crawl, scrabble, desperately claw at, and try to devour as much of this deliciously difficult language for a semester.
Hebrew is like learning how to swim in a beautiful sea. I mostly played near shore this semester, splashing along the sand only a few times venturing out to where I couldn't reach, but the more confident I became in venturing out, the clearer the water, the more beautiful the fish, and the more refreshing it became. It also required more language "muscles" to swim with all the currents and undertow of grammar waves and shifting tides of rules.
Ah, George Winston, my memories of you playing on our old early 90's massive 5-disc Kenwood speaker system throughout our house at Christmastime when I was young, seasoning our fall and wintery Hawaiian holidays with beautiful piano serenades.
Your music is synonymous with emoting, family, and relaxation.
Seattle, here I come.

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