Thursday, July 22, 2010


I was forwarded a scientific article by a friend today that reported thousands of penguins have been found dead washed up on shore. The Magellan penguins migrate there annually, but usually only ten or so are found dead. Curious as to what could be causing this widespread penguinicide, several dozens or so of them were taken to a nearby lab and opened up to try and determine the cause of their deaths. In each penguin's stomach, they found the same thing: nothing. The poor flightless birds had starved to death. I will miss each one of them personally as they are my favorite animals on earth and have been such since I my earliest memories.
Here's to you little guys. I hope the scientists figure out what happened to ya and fix all the problems that made you all die.
And now I know. There aren't always more fish in the sea I guess.

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