Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I'm sitting in a conference here in Atlanta, Georgia soaking up the warm humidity and words of people with many more years of experience and much more wisdom than I could ever aspire to attaining. These people read, live and communicate effective teaching and ministry. A little unorthodox, yes, but I cannot sit and learn. I'm wired kinetically; I need to be doing something, anything. And so I stand for a little bit, walk around some in a room filled with over fifteen hundred people. It's distracting for them extending maybe...thirty seconds, then they figure it out. Oh, he can't sit still. Sorry peoples. It's either that or I play with your hair or bring legos in.
The legos are noisy and make people jealous that they didn't bring their own in, and playing with someone else's hair could be an assault charge. Aren't you all glad I'm just walking around?

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